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Dear Parents,

If your child is new to camp, here are some things you might want to consider in packing.

In packing toiletries, kids will need anything that they would need in their bathroom at home including soap, shampoo, washcloths, towels, etc. Nothing is provided in the bathroom except the toilet paper and water. J

The beds are bunk beds and are twin size. Your child will need whatever type of bedding they prefer. Many bring sheets, blankets, pillow. Some only bring pillow and sleeping bag. The cabins are air conditioned and have been known to get quite cool, so an extra cover for the bed is usually a good idea.

As far as clothing goes, it is very casual. If you cannot wear it to school do not bring it to camp. The days are usually very hot, so shorts, shirt, and some sort of shoes are recommended. Since they usually get hot and sweaty during the day, most take a shower and clean up before supper which would mean another clothes set. Not all do this however, so that is left to your discretion. At least 5 sets of clothes are recommended (one for each day). We suggest tennis shoes because the terrain is rough and rocky and quite a bit of walking is involved. When it rains, it can get quite muddy, so an extra pair of shoes is a good idea. A pair of shower flip flops is also a good idea. It has been known to get very cool in the evenings, some times even after being a 100 degrees the day before, so a jacket and some sort of long pants (jeans or sweats) is a good idea also.

If your child is senior high age, there is a “banquet” on Wed. night which has been a competition between the guys and girls raising money all week. They put their extra change or money that they brought just for this reason (in the guy or gal container), whoever raises the most is served by the other group. Most like to look “dressier” for this occasion. The girls usually wear some type of summer dress and the boys usually dress in a nicer outfit. But again, there are no hard and fast rules. The campers decide where the money raised will be donated.

This year, sr. camp is having some dress up days and nights. If you have something that would go along with these themes, bring them along with you.

Monday: Staff Night: Dress up like your favorite counselor

Tuesday: Sports Night: Wear your favorite jersey or dress like an athlete.

Wednesday: Tie Dye: Wear so much tie dye! BRING A SHIRT TO DYE!!!!!

Thursday: Into the Jungle: Dress like an animal or a safari explorer.



There will be a water slide that is used in the afternoons, so kids will need to pack a swimsuit (one piece for girls) and extra towel for that area. Flip flops are a good idea for this activity. There is usually at least one soft ball game during the week, so if they are in to that and have a glove they could bring it. It is likely that they will see a snake on a trail or in the road during the week, so a flashlight is suggested. Of course, a Bible is suggested since it is a church camp and daily classes will be held involving Bible lessons. If you wish for them to write home during the week, they will need paper, envelopes, and stamps. There is a coke machine which Jr. high and Sr. high age can get extra cokes from other than canteen times. The cost for those is 50 cents unless it goes up this year Camp T-shirts will be on sale for $10.00. We recommend that you do not bring anything of great value since luggage is stored under beds in cabins and nothing is locked up.

If your child takes any medication on a regular basis, it must to be checked in during registration and should be in the original bottle with instructions written for when it is to be administered each day.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing you at camp between 3 and 6 on your check in day.

Camp Board