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Camp Peniel

Dear Campers,

From Arkansas Presbytery Board of Camps, Conferences, and Retreats (BCCR):

          The AR Presbyterial BCCR met this week and with great sadness made the decision not to open Camp Peniel Property for summer camps this year due to the COVID-19 virus. We feel like we cannot safely meet the CDC camp guideline requirements for pre-camp quarantining, cleaning, and social distancing. We are very concerned about keeping our campers and staff safe and healthy.

          HOWEVER, we ARE planning Camp Peniel style activities/classes/vespers virtually, every Tuesday and Thursday in July. There will be free activities that all ages can participate in for the most part at various times throughout the days. Registration is required so that you can get a link for any part of these virtual camps that you wish to attend. Go to the camp website under the "Virtual Camp" tab or Facebook page (@camppenielcpc). You must register in order to receive the log-in information for the virtual meetings.

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